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May Day ( 01-May-23 )
Ugadhi ( 22-Mar-23 )
Holi ( 08-Mar-23 )

Welcome to PVHS

Priyanka's Vidyodaya 'The Temple of Education' in the year 1991 made a modest beginning with 21 students. That was origin of a single roomed school; A Group of enthusiasts have forth their relentless efforts with dedication over a decade to the cause of literacy. Yes, hard never goes un-rewarded. The strenuous endeavors have been recognized by the vizagites without whose massive support and immense confidence on us, the present top class school with thousands of students would have never been a reality. Located int the heart of the city near Neelamma Vepachettu in a serene ambience, the school houes clsses from nursery to 10th std., Exclusively in English medium. It is the most modern building with all amenities and infrastructure necessary for a school of the highest rank. Yet the free structure is very moderate and within the reach of the plebeians. The motto being that, "Education ought to teach not only how to make a living but also how to live" our targets is gifting he society with better individuals, with are well placed in Medical and Engineering Colleges Vouchsafe this. We deeply felt the urgency of reciprocating the parents who have confined on us and enabled us to bring the school to its present stature.

This inspired us to come up with an exclusive IIT oriented foundation course right from the 8th std. These Aspirants will have separate classes and also separate syllabus in the total variations with is general taught in the other schools. Beside we have no doubt what- so -ever that this dream project also be an incredible as we have come out with a concentrate and fool proof plan in executing this very special endeavor.